Ganjaprenuer/ Master Gardner/ Advocate/ Mentor

Paul Calvillo aka MrGrowz420

12 footers in 2015

Paul Calvillo

Master Grower/ Director of Operations

  “A Jack of all Trades”

Life  to me is about Gaining  as much Knowledge, Wisdom, Happiness, & Laughter, While Maintaining Good Health as we Achieve much success, simultaneously, Building a Foundation of Family Values, and Good Work-Ethics, with Innovation, Dedication, Preserverance , & Passion. To Be able to leave this place. Better than it was, when I entered it. Expiring Peacefully with Dignity, But Not before Having made an Impact on this here planet.  I'm a passionate grower with 10+ years experience in cultivation, from cultivation design to Distribution. Key Skills  I bring to the work force are understanding  Business Start-up, Business Management, Director of Operations, Inventory Management, Master Gardner,  are some of my Leadership skills. With  20+ years involved in various aspects, in dealing with Cannabis, and the industry as a whole. I know the importance of having a great team is key to succeed in this industry.

Outdoor 2014

Just getting alil work in!

Give a Man a Bud, Bless Him for a day. Teach Him how to grow, Bless Him for a Lifetime